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Come and express ur emotions about anything!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Come and express ur emotions about anything!

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Help me! [21 Nov 2004|06:10pm]

hey hill hey jenny its shelby j. well hillary knos that i like this guy but he likes an 8th grader n yea comment n help please lol

understand what i am going through

[17 Nov 2004|04:40pm]



understand what i am going through

wow, i think i'm doing this right, well...i need some advice! [15 Nov 2004|12:08pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

ok, well there's this guy i like, and he's my X. and now he just broke up with his newest GF. and now i guess he is flrting a lot with my best friend that i've known since,i was like 3. and then she likes him. even they haven't even MET!!same with him and his last GF, interenet relationship(threw friends-ahem me-)stupid me, did it again:[ well, now i dont want him to know that i like him still,because i know that i need to get over him. i dont know why i broke up with him! im so stupid!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh he was the best ever. and now im in a fight with my BFF, bc she like ditches me for him, on the fone...and like at skool she'll ditch me. don't u agree that that is BAD! well now i duno what i wanna do. bc i duno if it's that i like him, or if it's tha ti like the way he makes me feel.(same with this other guy) who is going out with one of my closest friends ever!. and they make the cutest couple! so i'm happy for them. i just dont know wha tto do. do i tell them? or do i keep it to myself? wenever is see them together. i get sad, but then again i get so happy b/c looking at there big smiles, is awsome! so, i need some help-comment plz...check out my LJ Jenesis3 and comment there too. c ya

understand what i am going through

[01 Sep 2004|04:36pm]

hey guys i am ur moderator and this is a community where u can say how u feel about anythign or tell anyone ur problems and u will always find help.i made this community because i dont always have some one to tal kto but i always want to talk about it! so i figured if i made a community where everyone could say what the really feel it would help! anyways if u join thanx and if u dont please give it a try and if u dont like it u can leave.
understand what i am going through

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